After working extra hours and setting aside a tidy sum for a down payment, it’s now time to begin looking at homes for sale. Before heading out the door, it makes sense to sit down and think of what features the right home must include. Here are a few examples of what to include on that list before considering any type of baltimore real estate.

Number of Bedrooms

Identifying the minimum number of bedrooms required does mean thinking about the future as well as the present. Based on the current number of people who will live in the home, two bedrooms may be sufficient. Consider what happens when a loved one comes to visit. Unless the expectation is for company to sleep on the couch, that means three bedrooms are needed at a minimum.

If there are plans to have more children eventually, it makes sense to opt for another bedroom, or at least a finished attic that can be converted into a bedroom for one of the older children. Along with meeting immediate needs, think of how much sleeping space will be needed a decade from now, and use that as one line item on the list.

Number of Full Bathrooms

Would one bathroom be enough for everyone to get ready in the morning? In many households, that is little more than wishful thinking. Consider adding a line item that specifies a private bathroom off the master bedroom, plus a second bathroom for the use of the rest of the family. If the buyer likes the idea of a two-story home with the bedrooms on the top floor, it doesn’t hurt to think about including a guest bathroom on the main floor.

The Grounds

What features would make the grounds right for the buyer? Perhaps a privacy fence around a larger back yard would be good for security purposes and ensuring the family enjoys the space without feeling as if they are on display. A smaller front yard can be mainly ornamental and be easier to maintain.

Once the list is completed, contact the team at the local remax preferred agency and start looking. The ideal home could be coming on the market this very minute.